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ANTONS Restaurant revolves more around a lifestyle, rather than as being only a service or product. The young team and truly passionate people that are part of this start-up are always willing to go the extra mile for our guests and team. There is passion, love, commitment and endless dedication behind the scene. 



Full of courage, hope, belief and motivation, we started our career as entrepreneurs at a very young age with our first restaurant in the beautiful city Luzern. We recently finished our studies in gastronomy here in Luzern and understood that hospitality is all that matters to us. Hence, we took the way of developing a new concept in Luzern. Behind of ANTONS, there is a young team made by truly passionate gastro professionals full of endless dedication and impressive commitment for this industry.
There have been several challenges and obstacles that we had to surpass,  but always believing in our plan and working hard for it made a dream coming true for us. 

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